So much to do!
Located 10 km north of the Canada-US border in south central Saskatchewan, Coronach is a warm and welcoming prairie community that serves as the starting point for the Outlaw Trail between Canada and Mexico and as a gateway to Saskatchewan’s own Big Muddy Badlands. The nearby Buffalo Jump waits to reveal its secrets to the survival of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Currently, the landscape is rich with agriculture and ranching. Nestled in the area is a local coal mine that boasts one of the largest draglines in the North America. This mine serves the local coal fired generating plant, Poplar River Power Station, which currently produces approximately 15% of the electricity the entire Province of Saskatchewan. There are many amazing things to see, take in a tour of the badlands or the mine/plant, play a round of golf, take in a local festival and come meet the local people who have an appreciation of small town, rural living.

Coronach Tourism Committee 267-3312
Make a point of stopping at the Coronach Tourism Information Booth. Located on hwy 18 on the east side of town, the booth is staffed by friendly and courteous staff who will be able to assist you with any information concerning our community. There are a wide variety of brochures and pamphlets available for the taking. Information on our organized tours is also available.

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