Emergency Services

When to call 9-1-1
Report a fire
Report a crime
Save a life

For non-emergency calls, use the seven- or ten-digit numbers where provided

Coronach Fire Departmen
Fire Chief: Gavin Perry
Coronach Fire Department currently has a membership of 15 fire fighters. This department is run strictly on a volunteer basis. Our fire hall houses two pumper engines, hoses, an emergency response unit with jaws of life and an excellent supply of safety equipment and protective clothing for all its members.

The Coronach & District Fire Protection Association
is operated by a board consisting of members of the Town and Rural Municipal councils. This organization is responsible for providing the best possible fire protection for Coronach and district.

Call 911

The Coronach Ambulance is manned by a group of trained community volunteers. This group consists of six persons trained as EMTAs and EMT’s.

Police Service
This detachment consists of a Sergeant and two constables in Coronach and three constables in Bengough. These members are responsible for the policing of Big Beaver, Coronach, Crane Valley,Fife Lake, Kayville, Ogema, Ormiston, Verwood, Willow Bunch and their surrounding rural municipalities.

Emergency Measures
267-6048 or 267-4540
Co-ordinator: Adeline Hovorka

The Big Muddy Mutual Aid Area has been organized to provide emergency services in the event of a train derailment, a tanker truck spill, or industrial disaster. The towns and rural municipalities of Coronach, Willow Bunch, Rockglen, Fife Lake, Big Beaver, and Bengough have teamed together to form this organization. An extensive amount of training and planning has been done in the event that there is a disaster.


1. Snow removal shall be undertaken in the following order of priority:
a) Arterial streets/access to the Health Centre, Fire Hall & Police Station
b) Centre Street
c) Access to the School
d) Residential Streets
e) Sports-Plex
f) Back Alleys

2. On Centre Street the snow will be hauled away.

3. On residential streets the snow will be moved to the curb area.
This process does leave ridges along driveways and we apologize for any inconvenience to the residents.

4. Any vehicles parked on the streets will have snow piled around them.

5. The Town will not be responsible for any driveway cleaning.

6. The Town will not clean any private parking lots.

7. Snow from private property is not to be piled on the street.

8. Clearing of snow from sidewalks in residential areas is the responsibility of the property owners adjacent to the sidewalk.
Snow piled from sidewalks with reasonable access will be hauled away by the town.

9. Custom work is not a policy of the Town and will only be done if no business is available to do the work.

Your co-operation in assisting the Town with snow removal is greatly appreciated.