In 1926, the railroad was approaching the site of what was to be the hamlet of Coronach. Buildings were erected and a town was begun. At about the same time, a horse named Coronach won the Epsom Derby in England. A CPR official named the new settlement “Coronach” after the winning horse.

In 1928 Coronach was incorporated as a village and by 1929 the population was 300. As the effects of the depression and drought receded the post war years brought an increased level of prosperity to the area. Consolidation of schools had a great effect on the growth of the population for a few years. However, in the 60’s and early 70’s the population began to dwindle again until, by 1974, it was approximately 325. It looked as if Coronach was to decline as a trading centre.

The announcement by the government, in 1974, that the Poplar River Power Project was to be located in the Coronach area had an electrifying effect on the town. Almost overnight the population began to grow. On November 1, 1978, Coronach was designated an Industrial Town. Today our population is 944. Coronach is now a busy bustling centre with an exciting future. Many opportunities are to be found in the town for new business and services to meet the needs of the citizens.

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