Power Plant Tours

The second stop on the tour is at the Poplar River Power Station, Saskatchewan’s most environmentally advanced generating station. See first hand how coal from the Mine is transformed into electricity used by the residents of Saskatchewan.

The Poplar River Power Station is a coal-fired (thermal) generating station located 10 km. south east of Coronach and is owned by SaskPower Corporation. The construction of the Power Plant began in 1975. Unit #1 was officially commissioned in 1981 and Unit #2 was operational in 1983. The two units have a combined capacity of 615 megawatts. The integral part of the total plant is the earth filled Morrison Dam and the Cookson Reservoir, on the east fork of the Poplar River, which are named after two pioneers of the district. The reservoir supplies water for cooling the turbines and producing the steam which drives them. Each of the units will consume about 2 million tons of lignite coal per year. The two units combined consume 538 tons of lignite coal per hour at peak productions.

The Power Plant features a 122 metre high smoke stack which can be seen for miles around. The building, which is 75 metres in height and covers 6,750 square metres, houses the two 300+ MW turbines as well as the offices and maintenance area. An important feature of the plant is the electrostatic precipitator, costing $6 million, which will reduce the amount of fly-ash entering the air by 99.6%.