Coronach School

The Coronach School is a modern facility offering classes from Kindergarten through Grade 12. In addition to the regular core classes the school also offers classes in Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Business Education and Information Processing.

The Coronach School is also proud to offer two excellent sports facilities for the community. The Coronach School Gym has special athletic flooring. And the new athletic fields located south of the school were built in the spring of 1993, providing the opportunity for athletes to develop their skills on an irrigated soccer field and red shale 400 meter track.

In 2008, the School Community Council and its partners invested in creating a safe, innovative and up-to-date playground that includes equipment for all ages (from toddler to high school). In addition, there are areas for basketball, soccer and an new “early learning playground” for the Coronach Early Learning Literacy Centre (integrated daycare facility in the Coronach School)

The Coronach School Motto, “Cultivating a powerhouse of learning and a mine of knowledge,” embraces the concepts and partners of our community and region. The Coronach School staff and student pride themselves on their values, “respect, responsibility and the choice to learn” while achieving the goals to promote life long learning, developing a sense of self-discipline and self-worth, cultivating respectful attitudes/morals and promoting responsible citizenship.

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