The Coronach District Museum was established in 1987 to tell the story of the founding, settlement and development of Coronach district from the year 1900 to a date which precedes the present date by 30 years. In the years prior to this Allan and Allace Black had the foresight to start a collection of local and area antiques. These were displayed in their house and in sheds in the yard. After Mrs. Black passed away, the collection, buildings and lot were offered for sale. In order to keep these local articles in the area the Town of Coronach and the R.M. of Hart Butte purchased them and the local museum was organized.

Cleaning, sorting, researching and labelling started. Before long it was found that there was not enough room in the house to display all the artifacts. At the same time, people were offering to donate more artifacts. Thus, more space was required.

In 1994, the Town of Coronach recieved title to the former hospital building. In 1995, work started on removing fixtures and cleaning. Everything was moved in late 1995 and in 1996 things were arranged and displayed. The Official Opening of the museum was held on June 8, 1997.
The basic floorplan of the rooms was not changed. Now there is a hospital room, a school room, communication room, shop, parlor, library, town office, bedroom, store, kitchen, toy room, church, sewing and textile room, and an old bathroom.

There are also many displays about the area such as the coal mines and “fools gold” displays. Every year there are new artifacts and displays made. During the summer there is a Canada Day celebration and different gatherings at the museum to bring people out and share our local history.